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Hot Stone
Restorative Yoga
Teacher Training 

with Tamara Skyhawk

Offer something new and deeply soothing. 

As you know, people everywhere are searching for ways to relax – and most of them are looking for a fast, easy fix.

As a certified Hot Stone Restorative Yoga teacher, you'll have a powerful new way to give them what they're looking for – a highly appealing, completely effortless, deeply relaxing experience that will help them reset and return to balance. 

A Five-Star Relaxation Experience 

With Hot Stone Restorative Yoga, we rest in carefully-chosen restorative yoga poses, while heated basalt stones are thoughtfully placed on the body to deeply melt tension, calm the mind and soothe the spirit.

It can be practiced as private sessions or small-group workshops and makes a great complement to other relaxing offerings you share. 

Join live online, in studio or watch the recordings.

Choose what works for you – join us live online via zoom, in person at our Skyhawk Yoga studio in Binbrook, Ontario, or watch the recordings.

Our time zone is EST and all of our live online classes will be recorded for your convenience if you're unable to attend live.


A blissful day of learning & practicing:

  • Experience a Hot Stone Restorative Yoga session (with purchased or improvised props if online or provided props if in studio)

  • Learn the multiple benefits of Hot Stone Restorative Yoga for body and mind.

  • Learn how to cue and use props to set students in comfortable, safe, restorative yoga poses appropriate for hot stone use.

  • Learn the basic placements and safety for hot stones to soothe muscle tensions and the mind.

  • Learn what to look for when shopping for stones, stone warmers and props.

  • Learn how to use mantras, mudras, knowledge of Ayurveda and other techniques to help students dive deeper within.

  • Learn how Hot Stone Restorative Yoga relates to the chakras and how to use the stones and mantras to best benefit.

  • Learn to guide people to deeper states of self-awareness. 

  • Learn tips and tricks for setting up a soothing environment anywhere.

  • Learn how to improvise if you don’t have certain props.

  • And more


  • Receive 10 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits 

  • Receive a Skyhawk Yoga certificate of completion for 10-hr Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

After the course, if you wish to receive your certificate and CE credits, there will be 3 hours of homework to complete at your convenience:

  • Prepare and teach one 90-minute Hot Stone Restorative Yoga session with any one person or group of people you choose. 

  • Then write a 1-page report about your experience and email it to Tamara for review.


Detailed 40-Page Manual Included

As an author of 10 books, including Hot Stone Restorative Yoga, I take pride in what I write – and I'm famous for my comprehensive yoga teacher training manuals. Your Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Teacher Training manual is included in the course fee.

The manual includes information not covered in my book, Hot Stone Restorative Yoga, which I recommend as a helpful resource for expanding your repertoire of poses and sequences.


The 40-page manual includes:

  • Detailed information for facilitating each pose, including cueing, making effective and sensitive adjustments, prop and stone placements, chakra focus and mantra suggestions.

  • Safety information specific to teachers using stones and heaters with others.

  • Guidance on how to efficiently and safely conduct successful classes with a group.

  • Tips on cost-effective prop and stone purchasing/improvising for a group.

  • Helpful ideas for creating luxurious sessions and workshops, what to charge, where to get props etc.

  • You'll receive your manual as a pdf and can either print it out or use it digitally, according to how you best learn. 

Your Guide: Tamara Skyhawk 

For over 25 years, I've been immersed in learning about and teaching relaxation practices, yoga and meditation. I've spent tens of thousands of hours doing it, and I'm thrilled to share what I've learned with you.

In this course, I'll share my knowledge as a yoga teacher, teacher trainer and studio owner. Most importantly, I'll share my personal experience – which I believe is the heart of any yoga teacher, healer or wellness professional's unique gifts.

I've been fortunate to learn from some of the world’s foremost Yoga and meditation experts in Canada and India, including Restorative Yoga leaders, Judith Hanson Lasater and Cyndi Lee.

Previous to teaching at my studio, Skyhawk Yoga, I was a teacher trainer for one of India's most prominent yoga schools.

I am also the author of several inspirational books, including the bestsellers: Yoga Nidra Scripts, Affirmations for Queens and Minute Meditations for Everyday Calm.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Lynn Williams

Ontario, Canada

Really truly loved this course from start to finish! ... well organized, comprehensive and very interactive. Tamara's knowledge about the history of yoga, and the human body is extensive and enlightening. Tamara shares so much technical knowledge and generously shares her insights and experiences throughout the course in a way which is very accessible and helpful, with comforting energy, and holistic approach. 


Alicia Delaney

Missouri, USA

So grateful for this invaluable training. Tamara designed the course to meet our virtual learning needs. She kept us engaged and involved in sharing ideas and finding ways to feel the information in our bodies so we could retain it. Excellent blend of scientific research, articles, and historic yogic ideals/philosophy. I was also impressed by the time spent discussing the finer details of conducting the classes on our own from a small business standpoint (cost, liability, audience, etc). I thoroughly enjoyed the course and Tamara's teaching style. 


Ashley Petrovsky

Ontario, Canada

The 10-hour Hot Stone Restorative Yoga course with Tamara was the perfect balance of lecture-based material and hands on practice. I felt fully prepared to teach my first hot stone restorative yoga session at the end of our training. I’m so happy I took this course and can add this to my yoga teaching toolbelt, as people need restorative sessions more than ever before.

April 2024


CAD, +tax

  • 3 ways to join: live online, in studio at Skyhawk Yoga, or watch the recorded classes 

  • Fri., Apr. 5, 6:30-8:30pm, Sat., Apr. 6, 10:30am-12:30pm, & Sun. Apr. 7, 9:00am-12:00pm. EST time zone.

  • Manual included (pdf)

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