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Restorative Yoga
Teacher Training 

with Tamara Skyhawk

Offer the deep relaxation people are craving. 

Relaxation practices are in demand more than ever before. There is desire and a deep need for them.

As a certified Restorative Yoga Teacher, you'll be able to give people what they're looking for – deep relaxation and restorative rest. Learn to guide them safely and knowledgeably in soothing yoga poses, using a range of props for support. 

Uniquely focused on energy.

With stress comes exhaustion. A unique aspect of this Restorative Yoga training is its special focus on helping people conserve, cultivate and improve flow of energy (prana) while practicing Restorative Yoga. 

Not only will you learn how to teach many Restorative Yoga poses, you'll also learn how to sequence and add elements for energetic benefit.

Join live online or in studio.

Choose what works for you – join us live online via zoom, or in person at our Skyhawk Yoga studio in Binbrook, Ontario.


Our time zone is EST and all of our live online classes will be recorded for your convenience. 


Learn, practice and learn to teach.

  • Personally experience Restorative Yoga with a unique focus on energy (with purchased or improvised props if online)

  • Learn over 30 Restorative Yoga poses and how to offer suggestions for variation or more comfort. 

  • Learn the principles behind conserving, cultivating and improving the flow of energy (prana) using knowledge of the chakras, spinal movements, sequencing and other techniques.

  • Learn to lead a safe and comfortable class with considerations and contraindications provided by a seasoned kinesiologist.

  • Learn how to use warmup activities, mantras, mudras, knowledge of Ayurveda and other techniques to help students dive deeper within.

  • Learn effective concluding techniques to ensure an uplifting shift from Tamas (inertia) to Sattva (balance).

  • Learn about the importance of the nervous system in relation to Restorative Yoga.

  •  Learn how to set up a soothing environment and use cueing techniques to deliver informed, blissful classes.

  •  Learn how to practice whether you have access to lots of props and just a few props.

  •  And more.


  • Receive 20 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits 

  • Receive a Skyhawk Yoga certificate of completion for 20-hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

After the course, if you wish to receive your certificate and CE credits, there will be 4 hours of homework to complete at your convenience:

  • Prepare and teach two 60-minute Restorative Yoga sessions with any one person or group of people you choose. 

  • Then write a 1-page report about your experiences and email it to Tamara for review.


Detailed 60-Page Manual Included

As an author of 9 books, I take pride in what I write – and I'm famous for my comprehensive yoga teacher training manuals. Your Restorative Yoga Teacher Training manual is included in the course fee.

In addition to basics like the history and benefits of Restorative Yoga, the 60-page manual includes unique features such as:

  • Full-colour photographs of the poses, props and pose variations

  • Detailed information for each pose, including alignment, props needed, cueing suggestions, chakra focus, mantra suggestions and possible contraindications.

  • Helpful ideas for creating soothing sessions and workshops, what to charge, where to get props etc.

  • You'll receive your manual as a pdf and can either print it out or use it digitally, according to how you best learn. 

Your Guide: Tamara Skyhawk 

For over 25 years, I've been immersed in learning about and teaching relaxation practices, yoga and meditation. I've spent tens of thousands of hours doing it, and I'm thrilled to share what I've learned with you.

In this course, I'll share my knowledge as a yoga teacher, teacher trainer and studio owner. Most importantly, I'll share my personal experience – which I believe is the heart of any yoga teacher, healer or wellness professional's unique gifts.

I've been fortunate to learn from some of the world’s foremost Yoga and meditation experts in Canada and India, including Restorative Yoga leaders, Judith Hanson Lasater and Cyndi Lee.

Previous to teaching at my studio, Skyhawk Yoga, I was a teacher trainer for one of India's most prominent yoga schools.

I am also the author of several inspirational books, including the bestsellers: Yoga Nidra Scripts, Hot Stone Restorative Yoga, and Minute Meditations for Everyday Calm.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Erin O'Neill

Ontario, Canada

This course provided more than your typical restorative yoga teacher training. Tamara goes one step further and teaches how to increase prana. Tamara's experience, knowledge, and expertise makes her courses worth it. She produces excellent curriculum, provides a well-written and illustrated manual, and gives her students the opportunity to teach during the course, building confidence and giving gentle corrections and guidance when needed.


Stephanie Groulx

BC, Canada

I am very grateful for the opportunity to study Restorative Yoga with Skyhawk Yoga. It's always more than what you think when I choose to study with Tamara and Rahul - in the best way! I've never felt like just another person with them and recommend them full heartedly as yoga teachers and trainers.


Rose Williams

Ontario, Canada

Thoroughly enjoyed this full weekend immersion on a new Restorative discipline. I can already see how this is helping my clients and myself move towards a stronger practice.

May 2024


CAD, +tax

  • Live online or in studio at Skyhawk Yoga

  • Fridays, May 10-24, 7-8:30pm and Saturdays, May 11-25, 10:30am-2pm 

  • Manual included (pdf)

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