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Hot Stone Restorative Yoga

A Complete Guide with 35+ Poses and Sequences for Deep Relaxation

Hot Stone Restorative Yoga is an invaluable resource for yoga teachers, healers, and anyone who wants to enjoy this soothing practice coupling restorative yoga poses with heated stones.

Discover over 35 beautifully-photographed poses arranged by chakra, with easy-to-follow instructions and listed benefits, Explore 30 sequences that conveniently guide you to find calm, soothe sore muscles, improve digestion and more.


And, learn everything you need to know from start to blissful finish – including guidance for choosing props, safety, stone placements, warmups, meditations and more.

It's an all-in-one, comprehensive guide to a wonderfully-relaxing yoga practice that anyone can enjoy.

“The text your nervous system has been waiting for... a rich self-care experience... no matter your quantity of stones, props or time, Hot Stone Restorative Yoga provers an invaluable resource for enhancing your practice of rest.”

– Alicia Delaney

Yoga Teacher, E-RYT


“This book covers it all... a must have for every Hot Stone Restorative Yoga teacher.”

– Lynn Williams

Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Teacher

"A comprehensive and enlightening guide that brings a new dimension to the world of yoga... a treasure trove of wisdom for yoga enthusiasts.”

– Deb Phelps

Mindfulness Meditation Coach, Sound Healing Facilitator and Yoga Specialist

Why I created it

I love practicing and teaching Hot Stone Restorative Yoga, but there wasn't a comprehensive guide I could recommend to students wanting to practice at home, or for participants of my Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.


There was no book, so I wrote the book.


It features all of the tips, knowledge and techniques I've learned over the years experimenting with, and evolving my practice Hot Stone Restorative Yoga.


It's an incredibly soothing wellness practice and I hope this book makes it accessible to people not only in my community, but around the world.

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Available in all countries where Amazon is available.

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