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Tamara Skyhawk

Inspirational Author &
Yoga Teacher

Tamara Skyhawk (Verma) is the bestselling author of over 10 inspiring books for adults and children. She’s also a beloved yoga teacher with over 20 years' experience, including her work as a yoga teacher trainer for one of India’s most prominent yoga schools as well as her own yoga school.

Tamara lives a simple, yet juicy life with her family in Canada. She lives for the sublime swoon of finding beauty in art, dance, music, nature and all heart-bursting expressions of life’s potential.


Tamara’s Writing & Yoga Journey

Tamara has been passionate about writing since she was five years old. As an adult, she honed her craft professionally to become an international award-winning advertising copywriter – a 20-year career that she still dabbles in from time to time.

A few years into her writing career, the high-pressure grind led her to seek more peace elsewhere, which is when she fled the city (Toronto), in favour of an idyllic yoga ashram in Canada for her first yoga teacher training. She was never the same again. In a very, very good way. 

After returning to the city, Tamara opened her first yoga studio and after a couple of years of teaching, returned to copywriting, but with an entirely different mindset and yoga and meditation skills to manage stress. 

Eventually, the pull toward yoga became stronger – she went freelance with her writing for more freedom and journeyed again to a yoga ashram – this time to the source of yoga’s spiritual energy – the Himalayas, in India.

It was there that she met her husband, Rahul, who joined her in Canada to also teach yoga (and get married and have adorable babies).


After her advanced yoga teacher training in India, Tamara made yoga her full-time calling once again, including her work as a teacher trainer for a prominent yoga school in India and Canada.

Tamara and Rahul eventually opened their own yoga studio and school, Skyhawk Yoga, where they currently teach and train.

Always loving the opportunity to learn more, Tamara has continued to take yoga teacher trainings and courses as often as she can, studying many forms of yoga, meditation and wellness practices.

And finally, long overdue, Tamara began to write books – incorporating all the knowledge and lessons learned over a lifetime of practicing yoga, meditation and life.

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