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Yoga Nidra
Teacher Training

with Tamara Skyhawk

Perfect for Yoga Teachers, Energy Workers & Wellness Professionals 

Dive deeply within. Emerge changed.

Yoga Nidra is a recently in-demand guided meditation practice, typically done lying in savasana. It allows us to deeply rest and restore our bodies and minds, as well as refresh and reshape our personality, tendencies and ultimately, our destiny.

In this course you’ll learn how to not only “read” yoga nidra scripts, but to lead profound, well-informed yoga nidra experiences, appropriate to the time, place and participants.

This course is open for anyone who’d like to practice and/or teach this beautiful, profoundly healing modality.

Live online via zoom.

Join us live online from the cozy comfort of your own home. It's the best way to fall deeply into your Yoga Nidra practice – free from distractions and in a familiar environment.

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In this deeply-felt Yoga Nidra course, you will:

  • Experience several Yoga Nidra sessions led by Tamara, building a regular personal practice.

  • Discover the multitude of benefits for body, mind, energy, and even karmas.

  • Explore the history and philosophy behind Yoga Nidra and its truest meanings.

  • Understand the science of Yoga Nidra – why it works to deeply restore balance.

  • Explore the use of various props and body positions to enhance relaxation for Yoga Nidra practices.

  • Experience and explore the ways Yoga Nidra allows us keener awareness of our layers of identity (koshas) and states of consciousness.

  • Practice leading Yoga Nidra with the scripts from Tamara’s bestselling book, “Yoga Nidra Scripts” – and learn how to create your own scripts.

  • Find out how to integrate other yogic practices with Yoga Nidra – asanas, mudras, mantras and pranayama.

  • Learn to tailor Yoga Nidra practices according to Ayurveda (doshas & seasons).

  • Gain awareness of the broad scope of Yoga Nidra practices – traditional and modern.

  • Learn how to use voice, cues, environment, sensory experience, etc. to create more profound Yoga Nidra experiences.

  • And more.


  • Receive 30 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits 

  • Receive a Skyhawk Yoga certificate of completion for 30-hr Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Please plan for 4 hours of “homework” for each of the three weeks – personal practice 2x/wk, leading 1x/wk and 1hr to summarize your experiences in a 1-page report.

After the course, if you wish to receive your certificate and CE credits, you will need to lead a Yoga Nidra practice twice on your own time, and submit a report of your experience.

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Detailed 70-Page Manual Included

As an author of 10 books, I take pride in what I write – and I'm famous for my comprehensive yoga teacher training manuals. Your Yoga Nidra Teacher Training manual is included in the course fee.

In addition to basics like the history and benefits of Yoga Nidra and how to lead sessions., the 70-page manual includes unique features such as:

  • Tips for writing your own Yoga Nidra scripts.

  • Helpful idea-starters for where and how to teach, what to charge, etc.

  • Simple at-a-glance charts for understanding the correlation between states of consciousness, koshas, stages of Yoga Nidra, etc.

  • You'll receive your manual as a pdf and can either print it out or use it digitally, according to how you best learn.  

Your Guide: Tamara Skyhawk 


Tamara brings you 20+ years of yoga teaching knowledge – with experience as a yoga studio owner, yoga teacher trainer for one of India’s most prominent yoga schools, creator of seven unique yoga teacher training programs and bestselling author of “Yoga Nidra Scripts: 22 Meditations for Effortless Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Reconnection“.

She shares classical and modern yoga teachings in a simple to understand and down-to earth way, topped off with an abundance of support, love and encouragement.

Training, empowering and inspiring yoga teachers is a specialty and passion.

What informs this course is Tamara’s years of personal practice, teaching practice and learning from some of the world’s leading Yoga experts. She’s taken advanced Yoga training in the Himalayas and ashrams of India, studied Yoga Nidra with a variety of classically-informed and modern teachers, explored the academic examination of History of Yoga, Hatha Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Puranas via the Oxford School for Hindu Studies, and enjoys the Ayurveda teachings of Dr. Vasant Lad, and philosophical talks of Swami Sarvapriyananda.


Liz Burkitt

Leeds, UK

I attended Yoga Ghar's Yoga Nidra Teacher Training remotely, in real time via zoom.  The commute meant it would have been a little difficult to attend in person, since I live in the UK and Tamara is in Canada, but the sessions were set up perfectly and exceeded my expectations. It was an excellent blend of information, inspiration and application.  Full of passion and a wealth of experience, Tamara delivered the training in a way that felt empowering and gave me the confidence to guide my students through their Nidra practise.

Om Symbol on the Beach_edited.png

Wendi Pearson

Toronto, ON

I had taken two other Yoga Nidra trainings in the past. In each, I felt like something was missing. This course filled in all the gaps for me and more. I not only now have a much more solid foundation and understanding, there’s been a huge increase in my confidence for teaching and my love for the practice. Thank you Tamara for this fantastic course!


Stephanie Groulx

Kelowna, BC

I am so happy I chose to study and complete my Yoga Nidra YTT with Yoga Ghar. Without any previous knowledge of Yoga Nidra, I was not only able to develop a personal practice but I was also able to explore and practice the philosophy, science and practice of Yoga Nidra in a way that can be used to help teach others. Can't recommend Yoga Ghar and Tamara enough; seeds are constantly being planted and bloom in the most unexpected ways. It's great to know there is a true community of knowledgeable yoga teachers with Yoga Ghar to work through and continue to understand all that Yoga is.

January 2025: Live Online


CDN, +tax

  • Live online via Zoom

    Saturdays, Jan. 4-25, 11:30am-2pm & Mondays, Jan. 6-27, 7-8:15pm EST

    Includes 70-pg manual (pdf)

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