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Mudra Yoga Teacher Training

with Tamara Skyhawk

Greater wellness is right at your fingertips.

With Mudra Yoga, you can access the energetic power in your hands to create greater calm, wellness and cosmic connection.

Hasta Mudras are hand positions that seal energetic connections and the mind. They are a simple, yet profound practice for managing stress and energy imbalances.

Open to everyone.

This course is for anyone looking for simple ways to find calm and better health. It's also ideal for yoga teachers, energy workers or mental health professionals who want to share this powerful practice with others.

On-Demand Video Course

Enjoy 4 hours of pre-recorded instruction with Tamara Skyhawk, plus a detailed, 40-page manual including photographs and instruction for over 30 hasta mudras.


Learn, practice and learn to teach.

In this course, you’ll learn to practice and teach over 30 Hasta Mudras (hand mudras), including:

• Energizing Mudras

• Balancing/Grounding Mudras

• Tattva Mudras (used for balancing elemental energies)

• Prana Mudras (used for balancing life forces)

• Meditation Mudras

• Mudras for Specific Health Concerns


You’ll also learn about:

• The history and philosophy behind Mudra Yoga

• The multitude of benefits of Mudra Yoga

• The science of Prana (vital force) and how to balance the 5 types within you with Mudras

• The science of Tattvas (elements) and how to balance the 5 elements within you with Mudras

• How to use Mudras according to your Ayurveda dosha (your unique constitution)

• How to sequence Mudras to create a home practice, teach a Mudra Yoga class or integrate into your asana or meditation classes

• How to correctly use Mudras in different ways (sitting, walking, evening, morning, etc)


  • 6 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits available

After watching the video course, if you wish to receive YA CE credits, there will be 2 hours of homework to complete at your convenience:

  • Prepare and teach one Mudra Yoga session with any one person or group of people you choose. 

  • Write a 1-page report about your experience and email it to Tamara for review.

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Detailed 40-Page Manual Included

As an author of over 10 books, I take pride in what I write – and I'm famous for my comprehensive yoga teacher training manuals. Your Mudra Yoga Teacher Training manual is included in the course fee.

In addition to basics like the history and benefits of Mudra Yoga, the 40-page manual includes unique features such as:

  • Full-colour photographs of the mudras

  • Detailed information for how to hold each mudra, time to hold, benefits and possible contraindications.

  • How to sequence

  • How to do an effective warmup before Mudra Yoga practice

  • You'll receive your manual as a pdf and can either print it out or use it digitally, according to how you best learn. 

Your Lead Guide:
Tamara Skyhawk

For over 25 years, Tamara has been immersed in learning about and teaching relaxation practices, yoga and meditation. She's spent tens of thousands of hours doing it, and is thrilled to share what she's learned with you.

She's been fortunate to learn from some of the world’s foremost Yoga and meditation experts in Canada and India.

Previous to teaching at her studio, Skyhawk Yoga, she was a teacher trainer for one of India's most prominent yoga schools.

She is also the author of several inspirational books, including the bestsellers: Yoga Nidra Scripts and Minute Meditations for Everyday Calm.


Kristina Wooldridge

Ontario, Canada

Once again, Tamara and Rahul have created an amazing program. The manual was in depth, easy to follow and incredibly well written. Upon completing the training, I was able to teach a class with my husband as the student. He’s practiced classical Hatha off and on for awhile but is by no means a Yogi so; I’m on board with anything that will give him the benefit of relaxation and mindfulness. This was it! The beauty of Mudras is that you can get incredible benefit from a very short amount of time. So we focused on some that could be done inconspicuously at work etc. Armed with the knowledge from Tamara, we were able to create a beautiful practice that’s short enough to do anytime, anywhere! 


Ashley Petrovsky

Ontario, Canada

Absolutely loved this course and didn't realize the healing potentials of mudras as an addition to my regular asana and pranayama practice. Great balance of lecture material and "hands on" (hehe) practice. Highly recommend!


Erin O'Neill

Ontario, Canada

I highly recommend this 10-hr course, which adds another rather unique modality to yoga teachers who enjoy learning and sharing. I now have the knowledge and confidence to sequence several types of Mudrā classes which I know my students will love! Tamara also teaches about Tattvas, The 5 Pranas, and Ayurveda & Mudrā Yoga, which make for amazing Mudrās Meditation classes. Rahul, the co-teacher at Yoga Ghar who is from Delhi, India, teaches a session on Sanskrit, allowing students to learn and practise proper pronunciation, which is so important when teaching to others.  As in other courses that I have taken through Skyhawk Yoga, the opportunity to practice while learning is provided, which really helps with developing confidence to teach the material in your own yoga classes.

On-Demand Video Course


CDN, +tax

  • 4 hours pre-recorded video

  • 40-page manual (pdf)

  • 6 Yoga Alliance CE Credits available

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